Goshen Park Lot 4 – Laydown Yard Development

Dear Fellow Business Owners and Community,


Kelley & Kelley Logistics, LLC., was founded in 2020. Our offices are located at 135 Goshen Road Extension, Suite 203 C in Rincon, Georgia. We work one-on-one with our shippers and carriers to facilitate the trucking of container and flatbed freight. Our goal is to serve each client and our community with the highest respect and professionalism. Our values we hold firm on are operating with integrity and honesty. Kelley & Kelley Logistics is proud to be a certified Woman-Owned Small Business, Disadvantage Business Enterprise, and Minority Business Enterprise.


Further, we have been in search of land to build a laydown yard in Effingham County for the last year to no avail. The land we have found close to our offices is either not zonable per the county ordinance, or in a price range that is astronomical and unreachable for a small business. This has caused our company to lose significant revenue and clients due to the inability to temporarily store containers that the clients wanted to delegate to us. That number will only increase as the holiday peak season approaches and is detrimental to our business. We’ve exhausted all feasible avenues and in speaking with our shared landlord about the concerns, were able to secure a lease on an undeveloped piece of his property at Goshen Road Extension Lot 4, Parcel 0465F004. It is the cleared lot parallel to the additional parking lot.


We have submitted an application with the Planning and Zoning Board for consideration to have the land rezoned or a conditional variance to allow for the build-out of the laydown yard. This would not increase the traffic, and there may be times that the yard is empty due to our customer warehouse availability as well as Georgia Port vessel delays. Further, we are fully aware of esthetics and maintenance and plan to fully go above and beyond in keeping the lot in superior condition and beautified. Everything we’ve done thus far has been based on our corporate aviation experience; with a sense of doing things with excellence and a sense of community pride.


Based on the current ordinance Lot 4, is not a recommended property for laydown yard which means the committee may decline my application and this is where I need your help and support. 1) If in favor of seeing our growth, will you please stand with us and speak in favor on our behalf at the Planning Board Meeting  2) If you are against the laydown yard, will you please contact me so we can set up some time to voice your concerns and let’s discuss them?


I value and respect your opinion either way and hope that you will stand with me and support our small business journey.


Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kindest regards,

Tee Kelley

CEO, Founder

Kelley & Kelley Logistics, LLC

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