About Us

Kelley & Kelley Logistics, LLC., (“Kelley & Kelley”) is a reinvigorating, professional, futuristic freight broker provider. Founded in 2020, by owners Tee Kelley and James C. Kelley, III. We are located near the beautiful historic district and emerging port of Savannah, Georgia. Strategically positioned; Kelley & Kelley works one-on-one with our shippers and carriers to facilitate on-time, dependable freight movement. As a freight broker, our core values are purpose, integrity, and honesty. We exist to create a culture of respect, professionalism, and reliability; where every freight print is prodigious. To be honest, fair, and act with dignity every step of the way. To be transparent and accountable. We are passionate about our client’s experience and committed to delivering through the lens of understanding our clients’ needs. Our loyalty and dedication to each customer continue to rank us as a top freight broker and 3PL.

Kelley & Kelley is proud to be a certified Woman–Owned Small Business, DBE and MBE.

We are, A Freight Brokerage You Can Trust.

Our Vision

To be a united company in all we support.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve each customer with the highest respect and professionalism, while providing exceptional transportation arrangement experiences. We exist to bridge the gap in understanding our client need and executing on it with optimal detail and satisfaction