Freight Broker 101:

Freight Broker 101: Because I get asked this question a lot; what is a Freight Broker?

As defined by Wikipedia, “A freight broker is an intermediary between a shipper and freight service provider. Freight brokers can specialize in certain types of freight, such as equipment hauling on lowboys, oversize, bulk tanker, auto, or other types of freight transportation.”

Freight Brokers are also referred to as the “middleman”.

An important responsibility of a broker is to coordinate and manage the timely delivery of freight which can also be referred to as commodities. As cited in the definition, freight can be ANYTHING and you would be amazed at the variety, sizes, dimensions, weight, etc.

For a visual and simplicity of freight, this picture demonstrates examples of freight; everything yes everything in the picture at some point was transported to its destined destination and was referred to as freight.

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